Friday 30 August 2013


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  1.  Start off with stretched, clean and moisturised hair. I wore my hair in a low pony for nearly a week before I did this style
  2. Section hair off in two sections with a large front leave-out to create the pompadour use the product/s that you desire. I used my staples!
  3. Braid around the perimeter going upwards in the back (flat-twist as a alternative) and sides going back from the front. I opted to do both since I cannot cornrow upwards!
  4. Pin the hair from the cornrows, flat-twists etc in the pompadour
  5. And roll the front leave out in order to get the effect you desire
  6.  I used about 20-30 hair pins to keep mine all in place.

    And there you have it a cute retro inspired updo for any age! Any questions leave below, hope you enjoyed this post. 

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