Sunday 29 September 2013


  1. I started off with stretched hair. I didn't rewash like I would usually do since I was challenging myself to go two weeks without washing. I wore my hair in these two styles in the past two weeks here and here
  2. Moisturise hair if needed
  3. I used water, ORS Smooth and hold Pudding, Eco-Styler Gel with Argan Oil, Coconut Oil for my ends and Castor Oil for my scalp
  4. Part hair in two sections initially. The front leave out to do single twists and the back to flat twist
  5. Clip the hair at the front away and section the back of the hair into two sections in a parallel motion 
  6. Part the hair in medium sized sections to flat twist as you can see the parts doesn't necessarily have to be straight 
  7. And start to flat twist horizontally until finished ( I used elastic bands to hold my twists)
  8. Before you do the same to the other side, part about 2inches of hair in the middle to do single twists
  9. And then proceed to flat twist the other side after that’s done
  10. Twist the 2 inches of hair in the middle in single twists(doing this will add bulk to the back of your hair)
  11. Start to twist the front of your hair in the size twists you are comfortable doing
  12. You could wear them down or pin them up. I chose the latter because I wanted a full Protective Style
    To pin the hair in this pattern all I did was criss cross the twist as if I'm braiding but not really braiding if that makes sense?

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