Thursday 26 September 2013


This look was actually inspired off a image I saw on a social network a few months back and finally got around to recreating it.
  1. My hair was stretched the week prior from a light blowdry and wearing a twistout (seen here)
  2. I moisturised with the ORS Twist and Curl Pudding and spritz with water
  3. I sectioned my hair in half from ear to ear
  4. Did three flattwist in the back 
  5. In the front section I parted in three big parts
  6. I did two big twists on each side 
  7. And four in the middle 
  8. I pinned the twists in place to get the look
  9. I added castor oil to my scalp and smooth my edges down with Eco-Styler Gel with Argan Oil.
It was super easy to do and took about 20 minutes to achieve the full look. Furthermore its easily attainable for even shorter hair.

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