Wednesday 16 October 2013


  1. I started with stretched hair. I didn't do much all week to my hair because the weather wasn't great!
  2. The front of my hair was twisted in single twists and I used rods at the ends to curl and also to create a shorter fringe to frame the face
  3. So to do my braids I mist my hair with water and used a good amount of the ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding on my edges and also to moisturise my hair and sealed with olive oil
  4. Part the hair down the middle or wherever you want. The part does not need to be straight in my opinion
  5. I always use a soft bristle brush to smooth down and stray away hairs and also a tooth brush for my edges
  6. Start braiding once you are finished pinned the braids up
  7. I had to pin and tuck under my braids since my hair is longer so adapt it to your needs
  8. I used Olive Oil to take my twists down and for some added shine all over
Simple style that is work appropriate and also to play!

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