Saturday 16 November 2013


  1. First start with semi-stretched hair. Use whichever method works for you!
  2. My hair was already moisturised from the day before so I did not need to add any "moisturising" product. However I did use the ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding for hold and my edges
  3. I started from the back and worked my way up 
  4. First part the side that you want the flatwist to start continuing half way to the other side ( as you can see from the pictures I have two flat twists around the perimeter of the head)
  5. After those two around the perimeter then you start flat twisting upwards until finished
  6. I twisted the front of the hair doing medium and small twists
  7. I used castor oil on my scalp and on the ends of my hair
  8. Pin in the way which suits you :)

    There you have a protective style to combat the weather while still looking great!

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