Sunday 24 November 2013


This braid-out is the result from using my new leave-in that I mentioned here and the ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding. The verdict is in and its safe to say I love love love love it! My hair is super soft and fluffy just the way I like it.
  1. As always my hair was washed, deep conditioned and stretched. I wore two braids for two days prior to the braid-out
  2. Part whichever side of your hair that you would like to place the flat twists and do as many as you wish. I only wanted four and I used elastic bands to hold
  3. My hair was semi-moisturised so I decided to add a bit of leave-in to each section that I parted to braid and to flat twist (I had about 10 braids)
  4. Then I added the same amount of the pudding AFTER I mist some water on my hair to ensure I had maximum definition. My hair was NOT damp or soaking wet just enough to add to the end result
  5. I did twists on the ends of my flat twists instead of braiding. Can you tell the difference?
  6. After I did all the braids and flat twists I then sealed with castor oil, I also used this on my scalp
  7. The day after i rubbed some Olive Oil in my palms to take the braids out and prevent frizz.
  8. I separated once and mother nature did the rest for me

my hair is playing hide and seek under my clothes lol

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