Friday 22 November 2013


 I recently tried out some new products and thought I would share.

 First up is the Creations Garden Leave in Conditioner w/ Argan Oil from Morocco. I came across this in my local TK Maxx ( TJ Maxx for my US readers) and thought I would give it a try. It was £4.99
Image from the Creations Garden site

 This leave in is probably one of the best I have ever used. It smells great and it does what it says. My hair felt super soft, moisturised and I did not have to moisturise my hair after I used it on the first occassion. Typically I would use a leave in and also another product such as the Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream but there was no need to layer products. I used this on the Thursday and did not add anymore product other than Olive Oil up until wash day, no water no nothing ( I only added the ORS Smooth and Hold pudding to do my updo ). I loved it so much that I went to another TK Maxx 30 minutes away to stock up lol. For those in the US who are interested to try visit the site here.  For my UK folks try your local TK Maxx or another close by. I still have not found a online alternative.

Next up is the ORS Aloe Shampoo

Image from the ORS site

I needed a new shampoo and since my favourite was out of stock I thought Id give this a shot. To be honest it does the job. The scent is pleasant and my hair did not have the stripped feeling when I used it so it is definitely moisturising! I will definitely purchase it again.

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