Friday 27 December 2013


I always blow dry my hair for Christmas, its my Christmas tradition. I use the low temperature with my comb attachment and then use the tension method on medium for a "semi-straight" outcome. Before every blow dry session I shampoo,condition, deep condition, use A leave-in conditioner (Creation Garden), Sweet Almond Oil to seal the Leave-in and a heat protectant (tresemme)  all the products here
my phone pic! blowout plus flattwists four on each side then rod the ends

  1. As you can see from the phone pic I did four flat-twists on each side using the ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding and added rods at the ends. I spritz water only on the ends in order to get a good curl. 
  2.  To take the twists out I used Olive Oil 

Overall I achieved a full look with plenty definition.However I experienced some frizz at the back, but hey sometimes the frizzy look works and In my opinion I think it did on this occasion.


  1. Your insta post inspired me to do this in my last post! it turned out amazing thanks!! I have done it with single twist but never came out good at all, doing it as a flat twist worked perfectly! thanks girl :-)


    1. yayy I'm happy it worked and yours looked great! Here's the link for bloglovin..all other links are at the bottom page of my blog :) x

  2. ps i cant find anything links to follow your blog, google connect, bloglovin etc

    carol x


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