Tuesday 3 December 2013


Have you ever washed your hair and did not want to do the normal two stranded twists, goddess braids(twists) or a bun? Well this is what I went through on my washday last Wednesday so I came up with this simple, protected and also stylish do in my opinion.

  1. First off as usual I started with freshly washed, deep conditioned,detangled and moisturised hair
  2. My moisturiser of choice was my new love Creations Garden Leave In Conditioner and I used Castor Oil on my ends and scalp for added goodness and shine 
  3. Part your hair down the middle of the head straight down to the back (I did a zigzag kind of part at the front)
  4. Smooth your hair down with a brush and some Eco-Styler Gel or any gel of your choice
  5. Use your ouch-less hair band to hold the hair on both sides. So you will be left with two pigtails
  6. Then separate the hair in the pigtail to do two two strand twists on both sides. You could also do one large twist on both if you feel your hair isn’t thick enough
  7. When this is done take your twists and pin them to create a nice criss-cross look

And thats it a nice protective and stylish do. Hope you like! x

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