Sunday 15 December 2013


  1. First and foremost I started with stretched hair. I washed and deep conditioned on Wednesday and left my hair in a ponytail until Friday. 
  2. On wash day I added Cantu Shea Butter for my leave in and sealed with Olive Oil 
  3. For this style I used the Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream and Castor Oil for my scalp
  4. Part your from front to middle in a V part with more hair in the middle than on the sides
  5. Cornrow the back of your hair from side to middle and the front going upwards to the hair that’s left out(plenty of cornrow tutorials on youtube). Twist the ends of the cornrowed bits and add your rods (mist hair with water for extra hold,definition and most importantly moisture)
  6. Mist the middle of your hair with water, single twist the middle in small-medium twists and add your rods to about a inch from the scalp
  7. To take out I rubbed Olive Oil on my hands to prevent frizz and add more shine
  8. Pin the back up and sides and fluff to get the shape you desire
after taking the rods out
the moisture in the air started to have its effect
 At the end of the day my hair lost most of the curl because of the moisture in the air so I would suggest doing this style when the air is dry. However I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Hope you like x

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