Friday 6 December 2013


I have been trying to be more creative with my up-dos. I get bored quite easily thus my constant need to try something new with my hair every week or everyday if I can. So I came up with this one....

  1. First things first as always my hair was washed, detangled, deep conditioned ( this week I did a egg,tresemme conditioner, coconut oil and almond oil mixture- let that sit for 30-45mins under a shower cap or whichever way of trapping heat you rather )
  2. After I washed my conditioner out I parted by hair in 4 sections and then add my Creations Garden Leave in to each section detangled again and add my Olive Oil to seal 
  3. I then took out all the 4 sections
  4. Proceed to then part my hair in half from ear to ear. The section in the back had less hair than that in the top
  5. Add your ouchless headband to the back section. I used my brush and Ecostyler to slick my hair down
  6. Part a u-part in the front of the head to create your pompadour. Make the section as big as you would like. I wanted a smaller section 
  7. Place the front out the way and repeat the same method as the back to the middle
  8. So now you have two ponytails resembling a frohawk
  9. For the pony in the back I did one big twist
  10. For the middle I separated in half and did two twists which I then wrapped around the back pony and the twist from the back I pinned at the top on the middle pony
  11. Now for the front section I brush down the top and simply rolled and pinned as I went along to create the shape. I rolled from the middle to front ( I hope that makes sense not) not from the front to the middle

And that's it! Hope you like it x

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  1. Yes I do like this. Like you I get bored as well and am always looking for new protective styles. Thanks again.


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