Monday 13 January 2014


  • I started on old stretched hair that I wore in a ponytail all week
  • To moisturise I used my Creations Garden Leave-In seal with Sweet Almond Oil
  • To style I used Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream and used ORS Smooth and Holding Pudding on my edges and to flat twist 
  • Castor Oil for my scalp
Okay to create the style:
  1. Part hair from ear to ear and flattwist the front, continue twisting to the ends (I used elastic bands to hold mine)
  2. Spritz the back of my hair with water and twist in medium to large single twists
  3. All the twists in the back I put in a loose ponytail then added my perm rods about half and inch to the ends
  4. The ones in the front I did the same however I just pinned these back in order not to disrupt the flat twists
  5. In the morning I used Olive Oil to take down, separate twice and let nature take its course.
Simple but effective 

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