Tuesday 25 February 2014


 Here we have some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural since 2010. 

Did you do the big chop or transition?

I transitioned for nearly two years.

Whats your hair type?

I do not follow the hair typing system. However I have been told that I made be under the 3c-4b range .

What made you go natural?

I was encouraged by my other half. He pointed out that 1. I didn't need it. 2. I only relaxed once every 6months or so it made sense to just go back to natural.

What is your monthly routine for caring for your hair? 

I wash and deep condition my hair every week. I also use a variety amount of products but I do have my faves and staples. Check out my regimen here  
Do you colour your hair?


What brand colour did you use?

Garnier Nutrisse and Garnier Olia.

Did you get any damage from colouring?

No. I think the reason for this stems from the fact that I make sure to deep condition and also to keep my hair as moisturised as possible.  
Do you henna? 

Not since I coloured my hair. 
Do you used heat? I.E. blowdryers, straighteners etc

I do blowdry maybe once or twice a year. When I do I always use a heat protectant. Since I have been fully natural I have never straightened my hair. 

What hairstyles are your favourites?

I have quite a few. Check out more here 

Do you style your hair yourself?


Are you a hair dresser?

Maybe In my past life lol

How often did you trim your ends? 

Majority of the time I do this when I blow dry. Otherwise I do so when needed. 

Do I take any supplements to aid in hair growth?


I think that covers everything. I hope I didn't miss anything out xx

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