Saturday 15 February 2014


I have been loving variations of buns lately. Mainly because of the current state of bad weather we are having in the UK. However the typical bun can sometimes be "boring" so I am always thinking of ways to jazz them up a bit......

  •   I started with stretched hair  
  • I used the Soy Organics Twist and Lock Gel for hold and moisture 
  • Olive oil for shine and locking in that moisture
  •  Castor oil for my scalp and also on my edges
  1. Part hair in two halves from ear to ear. You want more hair in the back than the front 
  2. Put away the hair in the front to style later
  3. Part the back half straight down the middle and cornrow each parted section 
  4. Do not braid your hair all the way to the end instead only braid about a inch from the cornrows 
  5. Continue until finished and start the other side using the same method
  6. When that's all done you will flat-twist the hair upwards and then bantu knot the ends (secure with a hairpin if needed)
  7. To style the bun I used the same method I always do but using a different product 
And that's it! x 


    1. This is Absolutely Gorgeous! :)

    2. This is so nice. I'm going to do this style on my daughter.

    3. I absolutely love this!!! will try and recreate. Saw your photo on IG and you have gained a new fan!


    I appreciate all your comments x