Monday 24 February 2014


This is a simple,stylish and protective hair-do. When I'm not sure how I want to style my hair I often opt for this.

You need first and foremost knowledge on how to both cornrow and flat-twist. There are plenty of youtube videos if you're not sure how to. I started on freshly washed, deep conditioned, moisturised stretched hair.

Products used:
  • Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream
  • Castor Oil for my scalp and edges
  • Olive Oil for added shine and to lock in moisture
  • Hairpins 

The concept for this style is pretty easy
  1. You want to part hair from ear to ear leaving more hair at the back than the front ( do the opposite if you prefer to)
  2. Cornrow the front and and leave the ends to flattwist
  3. Flattwist the back you could either choose to pin it up like I did or leave them hanging. You could even rock a flat twistout. 

Check out my style post here

This style should last at least a week depending on how well your hair holds. My hair especially the back will start to get fuzzy after about 3 days so I will either re-do the back or do a completely different style. I will often choose the latter.


  1. would it be possible to keep this style in for 6months? that's how long i use to leave my weave in for. washing and styling every nanosecond is something that my welfare lifestyle wouldn't allow because I'm asleep for the majority of day... ain't nobody got time for all of that...

    your nearest neighborhood hoodrat, letme know if 6months can be done!

  2. Your are very creative with your styles. I'm going to try a modified version of this.

  3. i bumped into your blog yesterday thru instagram and im getting addicted, i wanna try this and will tag u on IG. u r my inspiration Sasha keep up

  4. Do you do all ya braid/twist styles that you have on Instagram


I appreciate all your comments x