Sunday 23 March 2014


I love love this style. It's super simple and also a great protective option.


I recently came across a tutorial by Shirley on youtube and I fell in love with the style. I followed her  attachment method with a ouchless headband but did my own take for the rest.

What you will need
  1. Some gel. I used the Eco-styler with Olive Oil to smooth my hair down 
  2. Castor Oil for my scalp and also to seal in the moisture for my own hair in the back 
  3. Water 
  4. A brush 
  5. Hairpins 
  6. 2 ouchless bands
  7. Half a pack of Kanekalon hair like here, choose a colour that's close to your own
  8. 1 elastic band
  9. Olive Oil for added shine
  • Firstly you want to start by smoothing your own hair down and place in a low pony tail 
  • Then you could either braid your hair or twist it to create a bun. I did plaits on my hair
  • You will then place the jumbo braid on your ponytail using the headband that's attached to it. Assuming you have already braided the hair and placed the elastic band on the end so it does not loosen
  • Wrap it around your crown and add two hair pins to both sides ear to ear to secure it
  • Now onto the back. What I did was used my two plaits to cover any sign of where the extension met my own hair using hair pins. I wrapped my plaits around to resemble a bun so blended my own hair with the braid.
Smile its spring :) 

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