Sunday 18 May 2014


Even though my blow dry has well and truly reverted I thought I'd put off washing for a couple days and style my hair instead.
  • To start you want to part your hair from ear to ear (moisturise if needed)
  • Then make three sections one on each side and the middle 
  • I sprayed my hair with my water and Leave In mixture especially the ends of my hair ( I wasn't concerned about shrinkage). I left this for about 30 mins before I went ahead and styled
  • To style I used Naked Curl Taming Cream and ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding in this order ( I decided to layer because I knew it was going to be extremely warm for the next couple days. Therefore I wanted to lock in as much moisture while maintaining some hold as possible)
  • I sealed with Castor Oil and as always added this on my scalp as well
  • Do three corn rows on the right side and do two on the left ( you can barely see the difference since my pompadour fell on the left )
  • To create the pompadour I brushed the hair first to to smoothen then I rolled my hair on itself and pin as I went along creating a sort of fake fringe look 
    • By the time you are ready to prep the hair for the braidout you may need to respray your hair again do this and add more product if needed
    • I did about 10 braids
    • I rubbed some Castor Oil on my hair the following before separating the hair for added shine but also to combat frizz
    • I separated once/ twice in certain areas once humidity hits my hair will get bigger without all the frizz

    And that's it! A perfect way to get hair out the face and enjoy the warm weather :)

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