Thursday 15 May 2014


After my recent braidout fail I summed up the energy to style my hair after wearing big twists for a couple days. 

  • Started with stretched blown out hair
  • Start by sectioning the front area for the large twist moisturise if needed! I lightly sprayed my hair with water especially the ends add Olive Oil and then used my styler ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding.
  • Then whichever side you prefer do two cornrows going back leave the ends unbraided to add to your side bun

  • Once thats done you then want to gather your hair leaving out the fringe area into a low side pony tail 

  • The hair in the ponytail I section into two then did two large loose twists then wrap them around each other to give the illusion of a bun
  • The front section I did one large loose twist using my brush to smooth down any fly aways and pin around the ponytail in the back 
And thats it pretty simple right??


  1. Perfection!
    Is your hair natural?

  2. thank you for this post im definitely going to try it. thank you!
    your hair is so beautiful!

  3. I Love how imaginative you are when styling your hair. I typically have my hair in a puff or fro hawk, going to try out a few of the lovely styles you've done :)


I appreciate all your comments x