Monday, 23 June 2014


Another half up half do do with a couple twists. Pun intended :)

  • I started off with washed, deep conditioned and moisturised hair ( my hair was dry when I did this style)
  • Part your hair from ear to ear AND clip away the back section to style the front
  • You will then part the front portion in two to do the flattwists
  • To style I used the ORS Twist and Lock Gel. My hair was moisturised previously using Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner
  • You will then twist one section to the left and the other to the right then pin in the top to create the illusion that it was flattwisted in a pattern
  • Once that is done you will then proceed to style the back in a twistout, flat twistout or braidout. I decided to do the latter.
  • I braided in medium sections only spritzing water on the ends of my hair then add my styler
  • Once I braided all my hair I then added Castor Oil on my ends, scalp and all over my hair shaft
     I smoothed Almond Oil over the braids and took them down and only separated once. I wasn't going for big frizzy hair.

Easy peasy right?? 

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