Tuesday 22 July 2014


Heatless curls! How you say? Read more....

I was inspired by Ebony aka eclark6 on instagram. She used flexi rods to achieve gorgeous heatless curls so I gave it a go. Check out her youtube video. I followed her curling method of wrapping the hair DOWN and around the rods as if you are using a curling wand.
  • I did mine on damp hair clean hair so shrinkage was inevitable.
  • I previously test drove it on old stretched hair see here
  • I used the ORS Twist and lock gel and the Smooth and Hold Pudding
  • Twist the section before rodding ( just a centimetre to get my roots smoothly on the rods)
  • Pink flexi and same colour perm rods. I used the perm rods in the back and middle because I wanted more shrinkage in these areas
  • Leave to dry overnight 
  • Almond Oil to take down 
  • Separated the curls once. I wasn't going for big hair separate to your needs!
To preserve my curls I loosely twisted my hair (MOISTURISE IF NEEDED) and slept with a satin bonnet. After a few days you will have elongated curls and bigger hair

severe hand in hair syndrome lol
I loved this look and will do it again! 

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