Friday 25 July 2014


We all know when the temperatures soar having hair on your neck is not the most comfortable thing. Therefore updos will be the style of  choice for those humid hot days..
I didn't want the usual bun I wanted a little texture with it going more to the side not dead in the middle. Start on old or washed hair whichever you prefer. You will need to
  • Brush all the hair to the top of your head using the styler of your choice I used Eco Styler Gel with Argan Oil 
  • Secure with a ouchless headband 
  • I then sprayed my hair with water then used ORS Twist and Lock Gel and the Pudding.
  • Proceed to rod your hair leave overnight ( pink and blue perm rods)
  • Take down the next day and pin the hair more towards the side ( you could also use extensions if your hair isn't long enough)
  • Brush down any strays and add some Olive Oil for shine

This style should last a couple days at best. You can also pin in different directions if you get bored easily! 

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