Tuesday 29 July 2014


A cute do for the weekend that you can take into the work week as well...

I did this on clean stretched hair. Before I do any style my hair will be dry since I style a few days after I wash, condition etc. When I say stretched I mean hair that is not soaking wet. After washing my hair I do buns, twists, goddess braids etc. I blow dry a couple times a year throughout the rest of the year I am heat free.
  • First thing I did was part my hair half way ear to ear
  • Flattwist the left and the right side and leave the middle out
  • I used elastic bands to ensure my twists don't come apart
  • I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream in this order for both the flattwists and twistout
  • Castor Oil to seal everything in

For the twistout
  • I mist my hair with my water mix ( mixed water and rose water)
  • Smooth on Cantu Shea butter first then add Taliah Waajid cream
  • Seal with Castor Oil I also added it to my scalp too 
  • Add my perm rods ( blue colour) to the sides and back
  • Flexi rods (pink colour) to the front 
  • Take down the following day using Almond Oil separate once and thats it! 


  1. What process do you use to strech your hair? Braid out, threading, blow dry? I love how your styles look on stretched hair!


I appreciate all your comments x