Sunday 10 August 2014


There comes a time in your life when you yearn for change. Whether it being a new job, new house, car etc. Well for me it was my hair so I took the leap and got a undercut....

I made a appointment with my other half's barber who is great at his craft. I parted the section that I wanted to cut, made my way to the shop and he did the rest. It was the best decision for ME. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I didn't care who is going to love or hate because it was not for anyone but for me. I love it and have zero regrets!!

Now to create this pompadour A La Janelle Monae 

  • Start with dry hair
  • I pulled all the hair up to the top of my head slicked down using the Curls Passion Fruit Curls Control Paste and Eco-Styler with Olive Oil
  • Secure with a ouchless headband 
  • Moisturise if needed. I did using Cantu Shea Butter Leave In then sealed with Almond Oil 
  • Then you fold your hair under sort of like if you are creating a faux fringe/bang and pin until you get your desired look
  • If your hair is not long enough you could also do this with marley hair etc 



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  1. I cut my hair many moons ago (Halle Berry style) loved it but hated when it started growing back. But girl you rocking it.


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