Friday 5 September 2014


A low maintenance style semi protective style

 Firstly start on freshly washed, deep conditioned, moisturised dry stretched hair. This is a basic step for the majority of style's I do 
Start by sectioning the front for your fringe/bang and put the rest of the hair away for your bun
  • Part the hair in the front in four sections to do your braids for the braidout the following day 
  • I used Naked Hair Curl Taming Cream and Eco-styler Gel with Olive Oil as my styler's. I will only spray my ends with water then work the products in from ends to root
  • Once I've braided up the sections I sealed with Castor Oil then added perm rods. This is optional 
  • Take down the following day using Almond Oil 
  • I did not separate my hair anymore other than when I took the braids down.
 For the bun I smoothed it up using my toothbrush and Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste secure with a ouchless band and pin towards the front of my head. That's it!

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