Wednesday 6 April 2016


Hi peeps! Welcome back to the blog. Here I have style 2 in the canerow series as well as a review on some BOMB products by Alikay naturals. I am so excited to be sharing these products with you 

Let's get started 

After receiving the package my first impressions were as follows 
  • products were well packaged and even sealed for extra security 
  • The Creme brulee literally smell like pineapples hence the picture. The names of each product lives up to the scent. All the ingredients listed I could actually smell which is rare.

What each product promises and my opinion 

The moisture rich parfait promises to : 

Seal Moisture in your hair with Moisture Rich Hair Parfait Moisture Rich Hair Parfait is specially formulated to keep curly hair and fine kinky hair, healthy and moisturized. Rich in moisturizing ingredients, this product will leave your hair feeling softer, shinier and more manageable than ever before. Moisture is a MAJOR factor in achieving healthy beautiful hair. This yummy scented, fluffy, cream based , moisturizer is a combination of naturally moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter, Argan oil and coconut oil to give you hydration therapy from root to tip. For even more amazing moisturizing results, use with Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner.

As the product promised it provides instant moisture. My hair was butter soft as soon as I applied. The consistency is a creamy, lightweight that melts in your hands formula. Running the comb through my hair was a easy fete.   

The creme brulee promises to:

Curls Curls Curls Galore how Delightful!!! Your curls will POP with this sweet curl defining blend. A Pineapple scented natural combination of 3 Amazing A’s -Aloe Vera, Agave Nectar and Argan Oil give this product an A+ Rating and so will your curls. Combined with nourishing oils it hydrates and moisturize your hair smoothing the cuticle to reduce frizz while clumping and elongating your curls to create the polished curly look you desire. Will not leave hair dry, crunchy, sticky or greasy. Just touchable hydrating curls that stays defined for days. Perfect for Wash and Go’s for Kinky and Curly textures.

Once again my curls definitely pop without the crunchy feel. Did I mention how amazing this smells? You will not be disappointed. You might want to taste it it smells so good. Refrain from tasting though to avoid a trip to the A&E lol 

The aloe berry styling gel promises to:

Now you have the freedom to style your hair, without fear of drying from a “traditional” styling gel. This tropical scented gel, is made with Natural Aloe Vera Gel, infused with berries, botanicals and essential oils to hydrate your hair. Aloe Berry Styling gel, is a Alcohol-free blend that offers a medium hold, which keeps hair in place, so your hair gets the benefits of hold and moisture all in one. No more dry, sticky, crunchy hair for you when you have the perfect styling gel in a jar.

This gave me hold without the crunchy or stickiness that most gels or edge control gives. It was moisturising but still kept my hair in place.

Onto the look. Starting off

  1. Cowashed and deep conditioned- aphogee 2 minute reconstructor 
  2. Oil rinse : olive oil 
  3. Leavein - cantu Shea butter with Argan oil 
  4. Sealed with castor oil 
  5. Leave to dry overnight in two big braids 
To Style I started off by 
  1. Spritzing water on each section before plaiting the back for the braidout
  2. Added the moisture parfait and then the creme brulee to each section 
  3. For the canerows in the front I simply added the parfait to each section and Smooth down with the gel before braiding 
  4. Castor oil added to the scalp 
  5. The day after I just released the plaits and separated once and thats it. 

These pics were of second day hair and I had more elongation than day 1. So you may have shrinkage first day but your second day hair will be stretched. At night I simply rebraid and add product if necessary.

day 3 hair
day 3 hair

Overall the products are extremely moisturising without that crunchy feel. So you get hold and moisture; win win if you ask me. First day hair came with shrinkage which I don't mind. If that bothers you then I can assure you that the definition will make you forget all about the shrinkage. Day 2 hair will give you the elongation you yearn while still providing hold for the style. My hair was moisturised, not crunchy and smelt amazing! I even got wet in the rain and I literally had no frizz whatsoever. I was shocked because I've never experienced this before so it was a added bonus. The organic ingredients and the overall mission of the brand rings true in the quality of the products. You will not be disappointed if you try them.

Its safe to say that I have found another brand of hair products that I am truly obsessed with.

To buy check out the Alikay naturals site and for those in the UK check out Antidote Street  or amazon!

Thank you to the Alikay naturals team for sending me these products to try. 
Disclaimer- I was sent these products however all views and opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for the review!! I'm definitely gonna try this

  2. Thanks for the review!! I'm definitely gonna try this

  3. Hey Sasha, just in case you haven't seen this you were featured on Buzzfeed - Andriesa. x

    1. Hiya! Thanks for letting me exciting 😊

  4. Ordering today. I greatly appreciate you being to share hair tips :-)


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