Wednesday 13 April 2016


Hi guys welcome back to the blog for style 3 in the series. I hope you are all finding it inciteful while also gaining some inspiration.

For this look I didn't start on freshly washed hair. Instead I styled after the first style in the series got old.

  1.  I simply added some product (cantu coconut curling cream) to the middle 
  2. Part the hair to leave out the front section
  3. Do a cornrow from middle to nape and bantu knot the ends
  4. The front is the same as in style 1. I retwist at night add a little product if needed and rod again. This way the curls will always look fresh with little frizz.

So really it took little or no time to rejuvenate a old look into something that looks totally different. 

Stay tuned for style 4!

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