Wednesday 20 April 2016


 Hi guys. Here we have the last style in the Canerow series. This one is the simplest of them all in my opinion. It's four canerows going back with mini buns.....

  1. First off I started with old hair. All I did was moisturise using some water and the alikay naturals moisture parfait ( one of my new favourite products see my review here). Buy here or here 
  2. I then parted straight down the middle to the nape 
  3. Section off a big section to and a smaller section 
  4. Add some Ecostyler gel to smooth down any flyways
  5. Canerow from top to nape
  6. then twist both braids around each other to make a mini bun
  7. Repeat the same on the next side
Hi Ayden lol 

This took 20 minutes which is a win win for me. These days with being a mum to a busy little human sometimes I just don't have the energy to do elaborate styles. So simple styles like this are my go to. I still want to look put together without spending hours prepping and styling. 

We have come to the end of the series. Which style was your favourite? My personal fave was the first style  which I will be doing again :).  I hope you all enjoyed and gained some insight. 

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