Sunday 24 April 2016


Hi guys another series here for you to enjoy. This is the flattwist series where I will show you different styles in flattwists instead of cornrows/canerows. Flattwists are fairly straight forward if you already know how to cornrow. If you're not really confident with flattwists check out youtube for a few tutorials, I promise you will not be disappointed with the results. Now onto the look...

  1. Cowash using the dark and lovely knot out conditioner 
  2. Deep condition using the Shea moisture restorative conditioner and aphogee two minute reconstructor 
  3. Leave in - Michael o'rourke 
  4. Seal with castor oil 
  5. Leave to dry overnight in two big twists
  6. Style using the aunt jackies curl lala 
  7. Alikay naturals aloe berry gel on the edges and to smooth down bun 

Start by sectioning hair from the right temple to the left ear - this will be the section you do your mini bun 

  • The second section is where you'll create your flat twists 
  • You want to part the hair at a angle and flat twist coming forwards 
  • Once this is all done you pin in the direction you want the twists to fall 
  • As you can see from the pics I placed the top two to the back and the bottom two to the front ... This creates more volume at the top 

That's it! Hope you all have a amazing week. See you soon 😊

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