Sunday 8 May 2016


 Style 3 in the series. This look will require more time, effort and know how but the results will be oh so worth it :)

I did this look on old stretch hair, meaning hair that was cowashed and styled the week prior. 

  1. FIrst I moisturised the night before styling using water then olive oil to lock the mositure in
  2. I twisted my hair in four big twists overnight 
  3. The next day I styled using the Alikay naturals aloe berry gel
  4. Castor oil on my scalp as always

To do the look
  1. Start by sectioning your hair from halfway from ear to ear  
  2. I always start at the front first then work my way to the back 
  3. You want to part your hair slightly to a angle and flat twist going back to the middle adding your styler as you go along
  4. So part the section, detangle if necessary, add your styler and flat twist 
  5. I always add elastic bands to hold my twists as my hair tend to unravel then twist to the ends
  6. Do the same in the back until you are done. As you can see my parts weren't straight but I didn't mind(time was of the essence lol) 
  7. Once you're all done You could either do one big flat twist the pin OR 
  8.  You could roll and tuck and pin like I did to create a head band look

And thats it. This is a great look for any occasion in my opinion. You get the protective style but also keeping it cute and stylish at the same time. Have a great week!

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