Wednesday 11 May 2016


I did this style 2 years ago and had to repeat it. Its so chic.....


  1. Cowash -dark and lovely au naturale conditioner 
  2. Deep conditioned- Shea moisture restorative conditioner 
  3. Leave in - cantu Shea butter leave in with Argan oil 
  4. Styler- aunt jackies curl lala and castor oil 
  5. Ecostyler gel to smooth down flyaways 

  1. Section off the front of your hair ( the part does not have to be straight) 
  2. Part the section in the middle then do two pig tails 
  3. Once you do the pigtails twist the hair on both sides 
  4. Take one twist and wrap it around the opposite side and do the same to the other
  5. Pin down if necessary 

  1. For the back add your styler as you go along and do small/medium plaits see here for the sized plaits I do 
  2. Leave overnight to dry 
  3. The next day rub olive oil( or a oil of choice) on your hands and take each plait down 
  4. Separate to your liking 

full look- top from H&M
This style is the perfect accompaniment to any spring/summer outfit. Take care and see you soon x

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  1. You have so many pretty styles! I'm a maid of honor in my sister's wedding next month, and I think I will do this style.


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