Tuesday 17 May 2016


 So simple yet so chic. If you live for simplicity you will appreciate this look

 To start my hair was cowashed two days prior using the products listed

  • Cowash conditioner- shea moisture restorative conditioner
  • Deep conditioner- ORS replenishing conditioner
  • Leavein- cantu shea butter leave in with argan oil 
  • Olive oil to seal
  • Styler- dark and lovely au naturale coil moisturising souffle and eco styler gel

 To style:
  1. Start by parting your hair half way from ear to ear 
  2. Then centre part the front and smooth hair up into your ouchless band 
  3. Twist the hair and bring across to the other side like here then pin to keep in place

For the back section
  1. You want to part your hair horizontally making sure more hair is in the middle than the bottom
  2. Then you will smooth up
  3. Twist the hair
  4. Wrap round in the shape of a bun then pin

 So simple right? This look is perfect for any setting from work to play. Just to add - it was my first time using the dark and lovely styler. I do love the conditioner for mine and Ayden's hair. It has lots of slip to get out any tangles which is what it promises. However While the souffle smells amazing its not moisturising and also left some flakes in my hair which is disappointing. Have you tried it ? Did you have good results? Let me know :). Take care and have a great week x  

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