Tuesday 14 June 2016


Hiya guys. Here I have a One style in 3 ways look for you all. This can take you to work and play with simple changes. 

The first is a faux hawk look with 3 flat twists pinned back. I used the taliah waajid curly cream and Ecostyler gel to style ALL the looks. I finish each look by adding olive oil and castor oil for added lustre and shine.

  1. The first thing you want to do is part your hair half way going from ear to ear. Pinned this out if the way to style the back 
  2. Next you want to part your hair at a angle to create your first pony tail 
  3. Once this is done add your product and brush hair in place and secure with your band
  4. Loosely twist the hair 
  5. Repeat the same for the second pony tail 

  1. Once you've done the first two in the back you then want to part a small section of the front to do your flat twists 
  2. Place this out the way 
  3. Proceed to do your last pony tail and loosely twist the hair 
  4. Now you've got all your pony tails done you then want to pin the twists In the shape of a bun 
  5. Create 3 flat twists and pin 
  6. Add your oil of choice to the finish look

Stay tuned for look 2.......

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