Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Hi guys. How are you doing? Hope you are all doing well. I am back with a new look....

 As you can tell from the pictures this look is based around having two ponytails but with a twist (pun intended lol). This adds more dimension to what would be a simple look
 To achieve the style I used the Alikay naturals Moisture Parfait and Ecostyler gel. I did this look on a two day old wash and go.

The look

  1. I parted my hair through the centre to the nape
  2. Put one side away 
  3. Then part the side you are working with half way using your ear as a guide
  4. You then want to add your moisturiser and gel to hold the hair 
  5. Do your flattwist starting from the nape upwards and twist to the end
  6. Add your moisturiser and gel to the front section and smoothen up into your ponytail
  7. You will then twist the hair thats in the ponytail. You will have two twists - one from the flattwist and the other from the pony
  8. Follow STEPS 2-7 for the other section 
  9. You then want to take the twists and pin them on opposite sides to give you the top bun look


Thats it guys. Have a great week!

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  1. So creative. Will definitely be stopping by for some ideas.

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I appreciate all your comments x