Wednesday 14 September 2016


There is nothing I love more than springy,defined curls.....

  • I started off on stretched hair
  • To style I used the taliah waajid curly curl cream, Eco styler gel, spray of water but only on the ends
  • Mixture of olive and castor oil to separate curls 
The method I use is pretty simple and it works see here. I been using the same method for some time now and so far so good. For this look I twisted my hair more than half way before adding the rods. I used a combination of  pink flexi rods, blue and black perm rods. What this does is give more shrinkage in some areas then elongation in others. This also gives me a nice shape.

before separating

before separating
before separating

I separated the hair a few times in back but only twice in the front. This eliminates the frizz (frizz is inevitable but I found if I separate too much I end up with a ball of frizz lol ). As you can see while the hair is not "big" there is still volume. I prefer defined curls over big hair. The longer you keep the style the bigger it gets anyway. 
after separating

To maintain I will twist in big sections and rod the ends. Moisturise if necessary. Thats it.

Have a great hair week x 

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I appreciate all your comments x